Tumbler Turners

Product Information

Print 2 Press has partnered with another local entrepreneur to offer the best Handmade Tumbler Turners in the Charlotte area! Our partner boasts over 1000+ online sales in 2018 and has maintained a 5-star rating, which includes 350 different 5 star reviews from verified purchases. We just received our first order of 1 cup turners.

You can pre-order 3 cup and 6 cup turners as well, but there is a 7-10 day waiting period as they are being handmade in North Carolina and I will have to drive and pick them up.

All turners come with an attached drying rack, on/off switch, noodles/footballs, and are powered by a microwave motor rather than rotisserie chicken motor for a better drying experience.

How many do you need?