Welcome to Print 2 Press

Who is Print 2 Press?

Print 2 Press is a locally owned company by a Northwestern High School graduate that specializes in vinyl resell. Print 2 Press has exclusively sold on online platforms, such as Amazon, for 3 years maintaining a 5-star customer satisfaction rate. We opened our first physical location in September of 2018 at 465 South Herlong Avenue in Rock Hill, SC.

The business hours are currently Monday-Friday from 11:00am-6:00pm and Saturdays from 11:00am-1:00pm. Check the footer for the latest store hours.

Our phone number is (803) 762-4998.

What does this website display?

This websites goal is to accurately display our prices and color options for each kind of product we distribute. It allows the customer to reserve products for pick-up, or have them shipped to them. If you are on a desktop the brands should display above, if on a mobile device click on the drop down box in the upper left corner!

How does your pricing strucutre work for vinyl?

My price breaks are reached by the total amount vinyl you buy. For example, if you buy 2ft of White Easyweed and 3ft of Black Easyweed you would pay the 5ft HTV price for 5ft ($15). Each page of vinyl denotes a seperate price category, and all colors on the page can be combiend to reach the price breaks.

Will an item be shipped to me the same day I order?

All orders processed before 3pm EST will be shipped out the same day via USPS Priority Mail. USPS boasts a 98% success rate of delivering packages within 2-3 business days, and are known to be quicker for addresses in close proximty to our retail location.

What will my vinyl be shipped in to ensure it will not be damaged?

We ship all vinyl rolled inside of commercial cardboard shipping tubes with end caps secured with industrial staples. We have found this to be the only efficient way to ensure the vinyl arrives completely unharmed.

How long after I place an order will it be ready for pick up?

We ask at least 30 minutes to prepare an order for pick up. If more specifics are needed please email us at print2pressrh@gmail.com

Why can I buy an out of stock item?

Print 2 Press wants to give the ability for a customer to pre-pay for an item in the agreement that we will place an order for it from our supplier. Typical shipping time is 2-3 days and we will notify the customer when the item arrives.

What if I buy an item not during store business hours?

We will have the items ready within thirty minutes of the business opening the next business day for pick-up, if the order needs to be shipped it will go out the next business day we are open. For more specifics or questions please email us at print2pressrh@gmail.com.